Product Development Partners (“PDP“) was founded by Perry Bonney, an industry veteran of 30 years whose referees and clients comprise a who’s who of manufacturers, brands, retailers and software designers in the apparel and footwear industry.

With business of all sizes struggling to keep pace with constantly evolving trends, ever shrinking turnaround times and the demands of a growing customer base, Perry recognised the need for a group of knowledgeable, trusted and above all independent advisors who could help them make sense of emerging technology and processes. He hand-picked the best team he could find – a team that, barring the welcome addition of new industry experts, remains the cornerstone of our business today.

Our mission was as simple then as it is now; to identify broad industry challenges and draw on our combined expertise to provide consultation and advice designed to help each of clients overcome these common challenges and benefit from their technology investments in their own unique way.

Today, the difficulties businesses in our industry encounter most frequently are in streamlining their product development processes and achieving their end goals more quickly and efficiently. This is such a common problem that more than 45 different PLM solutions (each with its own benefits and drawbacks) now claim to cater specifically to the retail, footwear and apparel industry, each offering to help promote and manage these leaner processes, bringing the best products from the drawing board to the shop floor as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With such a range of different solutions available, navigating the marketplace alone can be a daunting prospect for companies – even before they consider how best to manage the transition to new, collaborative ways of working. From mapping their existing processes and defining new process models to the implementation itself, there can be a bewildering array of tasks to consider, and this is why we believe it is crucial for any company seriously considering investing in PLM to take expert advice. At PDP we know that PLM works, and we have firsthand experience of evaluating and implementing many of the best solutions for huge multinational retailers and smaller companies alike.

Our ongoing promise to our clients is that we will bring that in-depth knowledge to bear at every stage of the implementation process – from shortlisting suppliers to training staff.