At PDP we offer the following consultation services as standard:

  • Prospect PLM Research;
  • PLM (Process Maturity) workshops;
  • ROI (Return On Investment) workshops;
  • RFI (Refer For Information) development;
  • Change Management Support;
  • Implementation Services;
  • Project Management support;
  • PLM Reference Data Development;
  • PLM Configuration Interface & Reporting;
  • Post Implementation Support;
  • PLM new process solution design for suppliers & customers; and
  • PLM Certification Training aimed at customers, supplier & resellers.

In order to help you achieve maximum value from your investment, our consultation services are tailored to fit your unique requirements. With that in mind, though, we support our standard consultancy promises with some baseline guarantees to each and every one of our clients.

We promise that:

  • We will provide advice in the tentative stages of solution shortlisting – often free of charge;
  • We will listen to you and learn your ways of working;
  • We will always employ the most competent and best experienced industry experts;
  • We will produce a detailed analysis of your current processes and, informed by best practice, define realistic improvements to be made across the board, from concept to delivery;
  • We will remain fiercely, 100% independent of all PLM solution providers;
  • We will build detailed Refer For Information (RFI) documentation in which each and every question is appropriate to the apparel industry, unlike other consultants who use boilerplate documents from other industries. We will never make you pay for information that is not relevant to your business;
  • We will undertake an evaluation and grading of the whole range of PDM/PLM suppliers to help you pick a solution that accommodates your immediate needs and caters for your future plans. We understand the strengths and the limitations of every solution and the particulars of the vendors behind them;
  • We will work closely with you to help identify ultimate goals, design milestones, perform a project scope analysis, define processes and provide technical implementation assistance;
  • We will provide critical reference data, leading to a better informed and faster implementation;
  • We will provide assistance and advice on how your shortlisted solution can integrate with any third party software;
  • We will ensure that you are kept up to date with any developments to existing solutions or the launch of any new solutions that will help deliver greater efficiencies for your project; and
  • Throughout the implementation we will be there with you.

We know from experience the many pitfalls of implementing a successful project. We will help you pick the best in-house team and assist in all elements of the development and delivery of your chosen solution, but we also promise to remain available to help with configuration and support once the solution is in place.

And we don’t just help companies who are new to the world of PLM or even limit ourselves to those businesses who have adopted a solution we know. We also provide consultation specifically designed for solutions that have been developed in-house as well as providing post implementation support for companies that have invested in a solution and not yet been able to realise its full potential.