Ethics & Governance

Since the beginning Perry and his team have stuck to one overriding principle – that the services we offer are underpinned by steadfast and transparent ethics. While we cultivate close working relationships with each of the major suppliers, we do so simply to ensure that we remain up to date on the latest developments of their business and solution offering. Our clients can be confident that we have no conflicts of interest when it comes to recommending a solution – we sit on no boards, we hold no shares, we do not solicit or take commission and are invested only in the progression of the industry as a whole and the smooth running of our clients’ projects.

In all of the work we do as consultants and as industry analysts, our mission statement has always been clear. As a team and individually, we understand PLM from the foundations upwards and each of us is committed to providing the kind of informed, impartial and effective services that go above and beyond basic consultation and help to drive the future growth of the industry as a whole. We work for you and for nobody else – we never have put our clients’ interests second and we never will.