Expert Advice

As one of the most substantial technological investments a company is likely to make, the choice and implementation of a PLM solution represents a considerable risk, especially with the market growing and diversifying as rapidly as it has. This is where our unparalleled expert advice comes in.

As a business, you understand the difficulties facing you and have decided that a PDM or PLM solution is the answer. What now? It isn’t uncommon to be paralysed by doubts at this stage. A long period of hesitation or even a single incorrect decision can be incredibly costly, both monetarily speaking and in terms of squandering time and your own customers’ faith in you. You might be wondering:

  • Do I know exactly what I want from the solution?
  • Do I need a full PLM solution, a simpler PDM equivalent or is something in between more suited to my individual requirements?
  • Do I have the requisite expertise in-house to enable me to seamlessly implement the solution and then adopt the best practices that will help me to get the best out of it?
  • This is all before you might consider the impact these changes could have on your extended supply chain and how you ought to manage the transition from existing ways of working to new, mature processes.

It is hardly surprising that you might be concerned! A full PLM solution will likely represent one of your largest business and technology investments, and making the right choice here will be critical in ensuring that you achieve the best return on that outlay.

We can help.

We know the myriad available solutions inside and out, and we speak from decades’ worth of experience in helping our clients decide which of them is best suited to their unique business needs. Individually and as a team we have worked for/with many of the leading solution suppliers, including Gerber, Lectra, AI Technologies, Freeborders, Karat, PTC, Visual 2000 and more.

We firmly believe that the right solution is the solution that it right for your business, and it is only once we have helped you to make that choice that our range of consultation services come in, each of them supported by more than 150 successful implementations for some of the industry’s biggest names the world over.